Books about Asia

Asia offers a myriad of stories and insights that are beautifully captured in literature. For those contemplating retirement in this vibrant ...

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Koh Samui

Thailand has some of the best beaches and resorts in Asia. Samui, the south Thailand vacation island of Koh Samui is a premier ...

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Expat Health Insurance in Asia

In most Asian countries, unsurprisingly there is a general lack of western standard facilities for healthcare. Notable exceptions are Thailand and Singapore which both have world-class medical and surgical ...

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Foreign Business Ownership in Thailand

Retire-Asia focuses mainly on information and advice from experience for ordinary foreign long term residents or those semi- or fully retired ...

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East vs West Culture Change

Retiring in Asia presents a fascinating journey through diverse cultures, lifestyles, and traditions. The East vs West culture change is a ...

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There’s much to be said in favour of visiting Singapore, the tropical (in fact equatorial as it’s less than 100 miles north ...

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Starting a Business in Asia

“Like a lamb led to the slaughter” sounds a bit over the top, but it might spark your interest. It’s a ...

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Bali, Indonesia

Sometimes thought of as a small or even tiny island, possibly to give the idea of an almost deserted tropical island ...

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The Kingdom of Cambodia, formerly part of French Indochina (together with Laos and Vietnam), is one of the smaller countries in South ...

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Laos Silk

Silk and cotton weaving by hand is an age-old tradition in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, known also as Laos, the Lao PDR or to anyone living ...

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Weather in Asia

Southeast Asia is a tropical sub-region of Asia, with an area of some 4.5 million square kilometres (1.6 million square miles) straddling the Equator (0° Latitude) between the Tropic of ...

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Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s largest countries, its 330,000 km2 (128,000 sq mi) area exceeded only by Indonesia, Myanmar (Burma) and ...

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The Philippines

If you haven’t done so, visit our introduction to the Philippines page. Available publications: Retire in the Philippines. The islands are ...

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Laos Food & Drink

Vientiane has a great variety of food on offer. Local stalls sell barbecued pork, chicken and duck, sometimes goat, beef (or ...

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Laos Internet

Although Lao PDR Internet services improved after 2010, by 2024 they still suffer from bandwidth limitations and congestion – as in ...

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Laos Banks: All Banks Listed

Main banks in Laos in the capital Vientiane and cities and towns in all provinces have international ATMs accepting PLUS and ...

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Visa Free Asian Countries for US Passport Holders

By 2024 there are nearly 300 nations, countries, territories and political authorities around the globe. A number of them require some ...

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Laos Nightlife

Even by 2024, there are not that many social activities in Vientiane that either Lao or foreigners can indulge in, besides ...

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