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Across Asia, you’ll find it all – pristine beaches, mountains, lakes, islands, warm seas, lush greenery, fine weather, friendly people, great food, cheap shopping, and a host of new life opportunities. What more could one ask for? This is what expats living in the best Asian locations experience daily.

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The first main objective of the Retire Asia site is to provide an easy to follow guide showing the positive as well as some of the negative aspects of living in a foreign country, particularly an Asian one, with the different way of life, beliefs, customs and laws; in other words the cultural differences.

There are many popular places in South or Southeast Asia where foreign residents choose to settle for one reason or another. We go into some detail regarding Laos and Vientiane the capital of the Lao PDR. To a lesser degree Thailand‘s second city Chiangmai and the islands of Bali (Indonesia) and Singapore. Other locations include the Philippines and Malaysia.


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