US Expat Veterans Survey Invitation

Invitation to Participate

The following is an open invitation from Kelly L Fisher to retired US military personnel who have chosen to live as expats outside the United States who would be willing to participate in a completely anonymous survey; it relates to:

  • US military veterans living abroad
  • Repatriated US military veterans that have relocated back to the US in the past year.


Dear Expat Community,

I am a retired Navy CPO who is enjoying a second career in higher education. My colleagues and I would like to connect with U.S. military expat veterans who have left or retired from active duty service.

The purpose of our study will be a Chapter in the project’s published book as described below:

Project Summary


Summary: Despite their smaller numbers, twenty-first-century veterans are just as important to American society as the Greatest Generation was in the last century. This two-volume set is a comprehensive guide to veterans in the United States today. It covers veterans at work, at home, and in American society.

Purpose and Scope: Along with a large standing military, the legacy of long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is a new population of veterans that are joining a very large but aging group of veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War. In the latter half of the twentieth century, American veterans were an enormous population that was almost entirely male.

These veterans are passing from the scene. In their place is a smaller, more varied group of veterans with a wider variety of military experiences. But these twenty-first-century veterans are having large effects on the rest of society, just like their predecessors did. Veterans face unique challenges in adapting to civilian life. They bring both unusual strengths and difficult problems with them into their families, their workplaces, their churches, their universities, and all the other parts of society that they touch. A surprising number of them take up life as expatriates, some of them forever. What are they like?

If you are an expat veteran and would like to participate, here is a link to an anonymous survey.

Please promote our study to fellow military expat veterans by simply forwarding this information directly to your network to preserve their privacy.

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