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Leverage Abuse & Misuse by Forex Traders

I assume many readers already know that Forex and FX are short names used for the worldwide currency or foreign exchange market. Forex trading, once the domain of governments, banks and professional fund traders has become a popular part-time and in some cases, full-time pursuit for ordinary people at home with an internet connection and […]

Learn How To Multiply Forex Profits

Forex trading is by no means for everyone, retired or not. Anyone thinking of forex trading needs to treat it seriously. Getting the right forex training and coaching are essential. Currency trading is a professional business rather than a game or diversion (probably the main reason so many people lose money at it). With professional […]

Spot Forex Trading vs Forex Futures

Many people do not know the difference between spot forex trading and forex futures trading, and although this confusion is understandable, the fact is there are only a few slight differences between the two. Both futures and spot trading give the forex trader the ability to secure a chosen position at some future date and […]