Sqip GreenWin MyCrowd: no network ‘fortune’ here – yet…

As you will find in previous posts, I became a member and affiliate of SQIP soon after its inception and later invested a small amount to become a stakeholder. I encouraged others to join as affiliates, but I would have gained nothing if they had also become investors. To my knowledge, few if any did either.

Since 2010, members and stakeholders have been sporadically updated with ‘progress’ by founder and spokesman, Irishman Christian Fortune, with explanations for changes of tack and delays in launches of various new services, with several network name changes along the way. Many like myself, although frustrated, took a ‘wait-and-see’ stance while others have tried to cash in on the original scheme by steering Sqip and GreenWin members into others.

Although I have probably lost what I have invested in this, compared to other schemes I’ve been involved in or tempted by, I don’t think of this one as a scam; more a failed business model. I believed in its founder and his plans; his vision of the future of social networking and personal communications has in fact proved correct. However, it seems he either missed the boat, chose the wrong partners or simply lost out to bigger players.

I don’t hold any grudge as there is still the vague possibility that my equity known as PEPs, which has seen a series of moves, over several years now, from SQIP to GreenWin Network/MyCrowd and apparently converted to a Swedish company stock, might one day actually be worth something in monetary terms. But I’m not holding my breath!

This was an investment and all investment has risk. It is up to the individual to decide how much of a ‘fortune’ they can afford to lose. In my case it’s a only couple of hundred euros, but the last valuation of my stake was around a thousand dollars.

I am not at all confident of a positive outcome as ‘our’ Christian Fortune (not the movie star or tagline for a Nigerian reverend’s millions-of-dollars scam) disappeared from the radar early in 2012. Currently, none of the links for the site or member ‘back office’ work – not a good sign.

However, life is full of surprises and today I received an email sent to all shareholders, informing them of the joint venture partnership with another Swedish development company who have been operating for over 10 years to totally redesign MobiPortal and its technical functionality and visual display, with ‘good news’ by the end of July.
Each share including additional free bonus shares negotiated by Christian Fortune have been converted from 10 to 15 shares in GreenWin Corp AB (Sweden)”.

Only another month to wait for some more news, probably advising of yet another delay!

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  1. longboard, 19 April, 2012

    This would not be the first venture of Christian Fortune that leaves people behind with their money gone (projects like ihorizons or i-horizons (where he promised to pay back the gambled money but never did, at least not to me), cmtcfx, fortune fx and also his dubious involvement in angela dumais truth in gold TIG still leave some trails on the net).

    But you can bet that he will come back with another tempting snowball project. Anyhow, Christian is a nice, charismatic bloke for sure if you meet him in person and i’m still not certain if he’s a fraud or just “unlucky”. Just be sure you only throw gambling money at him.

  2. admin, 19 April, 2012

    I agree, and I’d think twice (or more) before joining his table for a new game!

  3. JLO, 08 December, 2012

    CF is a dreamer and will never get any of his ideas off the ground.
    Everything he does is designed to relieve you of your money and place it into his hands to play with. I’ve had personal dealings with him and seen the ‘tech end’ of some of their mega projects he promises will revolutionise the internet.
    He takes buckets of cash from investors, promises stock then pays pennies to code monkeys to build half finished sites that never do what they are supposed to do.
    Does your money go into developing the business??? NO
    It goes into CF’s personal living. That’s why you will never see any of it and it gets ‘transferred’ between share to share in different names. Eventually it will end up in a company that CF has no name in. Then he will no longer have any liability for your loss legally.

    Then we will see the next business model unleashed upon new ‘investors’…

    See the pattern yet?
    Dreamer or conman? I would say both…

  4. admin, 14 December, 2012

    I tend to agree. His December-announced plans for 2013 are even more ambitious, including asking more from those who have invested without seeing a penny return! Read our related blog post.

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