SD & microSD memory card problems continue in 2015

This updated post (first published six years ago)  is not about retirement or Asia. However, mobile devices like cell phone, smartphone, tablet, notebook, netbook, computer, digital camera, pda or mp3 player are used daily by people of all ages, in all walks of life, all over the world. Most of these devices have removable extra storage ‘flash’ memory – a fingertip size card (micro SD) inside the device, accessible through an external slot or small flap on the casing. In some phones, battery removal is necessary for access.

Pointing the finger at microSD manufacturersMemory storage prices continue to drop and there are many brands on the market from leading manufacturers like Kingston and SanDisk whose 64 GB micro SD now sells for under $50. China also supplies cheaper products which can be less reliable. There is always a risk of loss of valuable data and photographs, not always retrievable, whether the genuine or cheap copy card fails or the camera or other device itself is lost or even stolen!

Therefore, the best ‘solution’ is to MAKE REGULAR BACKUPS of your SD card contents to another drive or data storage service. Leading brand names like Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Buffalo etc make small, portable external hard drives in 500 GB and higher capacities from around $50 or £35 in the UK. Note that today’s USB 3.0 drives can also be used in older computers and laptops with USB 2.0 ports. These external drives are ideal for any computer with the hard drive filling up. Changing the internal drive and reinstalling the operating system, software and data can be a nightmare. There’s also the security aspect; drives can be stored off the premises or anywhere.

But back to the post topic of SD card problems that may have already begun. Most users are not concerned with their removable extra memory as it functions as part of the system, without needing any special setting; they may not even be aware of the card or its features. But problems can arise when the card is nearly full and files need deleting, transferring to other storage, or replacing the current SD card with a higher capacity one.

More importantly, in many cases the SD card just quits or locks up for no apparent reason. It’s now already too late for backup. Perhaps read the paragraph above again? Prevention is better than cure.

Having had SD issues myself, I created a Micro SD page on the R-A website several years ago. Since then it has been consistently one of the most popular, receiving hundreds of hits every day – approaching 225,000 by the end of 2014. There’s no doubt that many have problems and card failures; there are numerous forums where people post, including phone and card manufacturer support sites. Quite a few of these refer back to my SD pages and posts too!

Common issues:  file access from phones with locked or encrypted SD cards, files lost

sandisk2g1.  If a microSD cannot be recognised by a computer (read, write, format etc), it may not be the card itself but a microSD to SD adapter typically needed for it to fit in a standard size card reader slot. The adapter usually comes with it. This is the first thing to check for a fault. Try using a different adapter (Kingston seem to have faulty ones); if you don’t have one, borrow one or get a USB card reader with Micro SD slot for about $4 or just over UK £2.

2.  Nokia phones with locked microSD cards that need a password for access (happens suddenly without user intervention). Retrieving or removing the password depends upon the model. Some Nokias have an “MMC store” folder; copy this to a computer and open with Notepad to find the password. Reformatting the card (losing all content) allows a new password e.g. 1234 to be set if needed.

3.  BlackBerry card encryption (.rem) problems were originally addressed in February 2013. A summary of comments and replies was posted on May 13. See all comments below.

4.  Android phones and tablets card data loss/files unable to be read. 2013 software for data recovery from Android devices including messages, contacts, photos and videos. Download Android Data Recovery (free trial – Windows).

5.  Android 4 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) phone and tablet SD cards are managed differently from previous versions, creating file transfer problems. See August comments below.

How to copy/move files between SD cards or transfer to and from a computer

There are different options for working with files. One is with the USB cable supplied with the phone and used in conjunction with a software program also supplied by the manufacturer. e.g. Nokia Data Suite. Another is Bluetooth – a wireless link between the two, as also is WiFi. If you have a built in or USB card reader, removing the microSD card from the phone and connecting it directly to a computer is easiest, but it doesn’t always work.

Some card readers now accept a micro SD card directly (see above); previously it needed a micro to standard size SD adapter often but not always supplied with a micro SD purchased separately and often the cause of problems, one of which is the write protect switch on the adapter – the micro SD itself does NOT have a switch.

Whichever way you connect the card to a computer,  a file manager such as Windows Explorer should see an extra external hard drive . The drive letter (G in the image) depends on how many drives are already in the computer, including the CD or DVD drive.

Tsd-exphe card’s folders and files (not always all of them) will be visible too and can be copied or moved by dragging and dropping them to a folder on another hard drive or perhaps burning a CD for archiving purposes.

Sometimes they are hidden or copyright-protected by the manufacturer and other means are needed to move or copy them. See our main MicroSD page for how to copy all SD card content to another location.

Due to the sheer scope of this topic, and the different problems that users experience, the web page  is long and rambling – even more so than this post, especially for someone looking for a ‘quick fix’ which may simply not be available for a particular issue.

I have done my best both here and on the more comprehensive R-A Micro SD web page to offer solutions, workarounds and utility programs I have found by searching forums for users with card problems. SD and microSD cards have issues that have never been fully addressed by card, phone or camera manufacturers or operating system providers.

If you have a problem, you need to read all the information, and/or download and run certain programs to read and manage your card. However, chances are high that your data and card format are already lost. You will need a replacement card.

Most importantly, begin BACKING UP YOUR CARD DATA REGULARLY as soon as you acquire a device that contains or has the option of adding an SD card. Don’t wait for the problem to start!

If you don’t see your problem listed here, look below in comments from others and my replies. If you cannot fix it yourself, be prepared to replace the card (under warranty if possible); you could also try visiting a phone shop or service centre. Good luck!

Apologies, but new comments cannot be made for this post.

Updated Jan 1, 2015.

MicroSD page at

  1. stephen, 24 December, 2009

    how do you erase content on card. my phone wont give me the option and my computer wont ??

  2. Editor, 24 December, 2009

    I need some more details about how you’ve tried to connect to a computer. What phone/card type is it?

  3. Mr.perez, 25 December, 2009

    why does it say to insert a disk into sd card

  4. Editor, 25 December, 2009

    Where have you seen this message and what were you trying to do?

    Please people, I can only help if you explain what the problem is!
    What phone, SD card type and computer you are trying to connect to – or whatever.

  5. Ryan, 12 January, 2010

    Hi, I was wondering if you knew if the Nokia 6300 can support a micro SD larger than 2GB? I just got one the other day and was thinking of getting a 16 or 32GB card, but every review says that it can only support up to 2GB. Is this true and if so, why can it not support larger cards?

  6. Editor, 12 January, 2010

    Ryan, I can’t say for sure as I haven’t tried it, but I think the answer is no. I don’t know the reason, but it may relate to the small built-in memory of the 6300 and the firmware.

    I also found this link:
    That is an old post, but the website sells SD cards and all the larger sizes don’t include the 6300 in the compatibility lists. Some will work in the 6301.

    Hope that helps.

  7. Chris, 16 January, 2010

    hi guys
    I have got a problem synchronising contacts from 6300 to PCsuite.
    It only copys contacts from the phone, not from its memory card.

    I actually want to run all contacts from memory card.
    Is there a bug or how do I do this?

    thanks for help

  8. Jon, 16 January, 2010

    I haven’t tried this. All I can suggest is you have the latest version of PC Suite and if you still can’t copy from the SD card, first copy the contacts to the phone and sync that way. Then remove them from the phone memory.

    There may be some relevant info at: See the last few posts.

  9. Editor, 18 January, 2010

    That does not seem possible, but empty your computer’s Trash Bin before you connect the SD card and see what happens.

  10. Dilshod, 15 February, 2010

    I need to connect and to adjust the camera of Nokia 6300 to my computer so as it will work as a webcamera

  11. Editor, 15 February, 2010

    Dilshod, I think you’re out of luck. You have probably searched the forums as I have. The 6300 has Bluetooth but uses Nokia’s S40 operating system and can only run Java J2ME programs. There is webcam software for Nokia and other Symbian S60 phones, but apparently not for the 6300. Sorry.
    A cheap webcam would cost less than a new phone!

  12. salman, 18 February, 2010

    hi, i have a problem with my micro sd card. i have 4 gb micro sd card. my card did not show full memory in phone and computer. it shows 1.8 gb space on any device. please tell me how can i repair my card? thanks. your obedient, Salman baig

  13. Editor, 18 February, 2010

    Salman, there could be many reasons, but I suspect a faulty card or adapter. Have you tried using a different card adapter or reader? Try reformatting it, either in the phone or on a computer. Also make sure your phone can use that capacity. Not all can e.g. the Nokia 6300 has a maximum of 2GB.

    As I have mentioned before, I bought two Kingston 4MB SDs (not microSD) at different times. Both have intermittent data problems in my laptop and PC, but seem to work in an mp3 player. Reputable brands have a manufacturer repair/replacement guarantee. You should try exchanging it.

  14. PTM, 25 March, 2010

    Some good ideas you have here, but unfortunately none have solved my problem. I have two microSD cards (64mb and 1Gb) and one card adapter for my laptops SD port. Both microSD cards show up write protected when used with the adapter and laptop (they worked fine with the adapter a few weeks ago, now they don’t). I have tried all the tricks with halfway switching and taping over the entire switch slot. I even opened up the adapter to see what the switch is connected to and found its not mechanically connected to anything within the adapter which has me thinking its a sensor of some sort in the laptop not detecting the position of the switch. Knowing this do you have any insight or thoughts as to why my laptop only detects a write-protected card? Sorry for the long post.


  15. Editor, 25 March, 2010

    Patrick, I understand your frustration. I have a similar problem with my BenQ netbook, which also has an SD port. One day a few months ago, for no reason I could establish, it stopped recognising any SD card, or microSD with adapter. The alternative is to find a cheap USB-SD adapter (or external multicard reader) and see if that resolves the issue.

    Thanks for your question and please report back.


  16. PTM, 25 March, 2010

    I finally found a ‘fail-safe’ option for those of use who experience hardware mechanical failure within the card reader. I found a registry edit that disables write protection all together. This states it’s for USB, but it works for all removable media.
    ^^^Read link first before going further^^^

    If you use regedit, open its Export function to make a backup of your registry before editing.

    [Editor note: These settings are for Windows 7; they do not apply to XP. See next comment.]

    Open Regedit and navigate to:
    If there is a WriteProtect key (REG_DWORD) then
    1 = Write Protect On
    0 = Write Protect Off

    If there is a WriteProtect key (REG_DWORD) then
    1 = Write Protect On
    0 = Write Protect Off

    ***Do this for each ControlSet folder, how many you have may vary, I had 2.***

    If there is a WriteProtect key (REG_DWORD) then
    1 = Write Protect On
    0 = Write Protect Off

    Set to 0 and try (may have to reboot in some cases)

    In my case, ControlSet001 had the StorageDevicePolicies folder, but the ControlSet002 and CurrentControlSet folders did not.

    In my ControlSet002 and CurrentControlSet folders I had to create a ‘key’ named “StorageDevicePolicies” and within that a string named “WriteProtect” setting its value to ‘0’.

    Do this for each Control folder that doesn’t contain ‘StorageDevicePolicies’:
    While the Control folder is selected
    Go to Menu Option Edit\New\Key
    name it: StorageDevicePolicies
    Right-click the newly created folder select New\String Value
    name it WriteProtect
    Double-click on the newly created string and set its value to ‘0’

    I am assuming ControlSet001 is my administrator identity which was already set to over-ride the write-protection, so people may want to try and just use that instead of editing their registry.

    I am running Windows 7 Home Premium by the way. From what I have read from others, these keys I had to create are present in older versions of windows automatically, and a value of ‘1’ is only changed to a ‘0’. And sorry, I am a mechanical engineer, so writing instructions for computer processes is not easy.

  17. Editor, 26 March, 2010

    Thanks for that, Patrick, I’ll update the web page too.

    Windows XP users will find there is no StorageDevicePolicies in the registry.

    Instead, find


    There you should see “Start”. Right click it and click on Modify. Change the 3 to 0.

    As Patrick advises, it’s worthwhile reading the thread at the link in his comment, and be extremely careful when editing the registry; make a backup of it first.

  18. PTM, 26 March, 2010

    No problem, feel free to edit the comment as you see fit. Based on what I have read on other forums, I am the first to suggest adding to the registry. I have noticed quite a few other posters complaining of the missing folders. As straight forward as I think this is, a lot of damage can be done within the registry, so people should be very careful when editing it. Stick to the instructions and do your research before attempting the fix if you have never used regedit before.


  19. blaze, 08 April, 2010

    i unfortuatley snapped my MicroSD card for my nokia 6300, is there any way i can still retrieve the files such as photos and voice recordings?

  20. Editor, 08 April, 2010

    Probably not. How did you manage to do that?

  21. blaze, 24 April, 2010

    long story. so there is no way at all, even if i sent it to a recovery place or whatever?

  22. Editor, 25 April, 2010

    I just found a UK company that offers a data recovery service for SD cards, including snapped ones. Various options, and not cheap, but that is relative to the value you put on the data. Here’s the link:

  23. oktarina, 26 April, 2010

    memory card locked and to unlock forgotten password,
    how to get it back. ?
    thx b4

  24. Editor, 26 April, 2010

    Without knowing any details of the card (or phone maybe), it’s impossible to help you. If I was looking for a solution I would search Google using keywords: lost password memory card [phone or device] [card type]. Then look in the results for anything that might match your problem.

  25. lebogang, 21 May, 2010

    ok my fone is acting up my fone keeps on saying that my memory card is no in the fone but it is wat is rong with my fone

  26. admin, 21 May, 2010

    No one can help you with so little information. Check the card’s files can be read on a computer.
    If they can, then check a support site or forum for your phone model. Maybe reset the phone to factory settings.

  27. Raja, 29 June, 2010

    Please sir, give me the solution how I can repair mobile cards sd mmc and more?

  28. admin, 29 June, 2010

    Sorry, Raja, I don’t know where you could learn how to repair memory cards. I have written about fixing some of the common problems I have found.

  29. Kunal, 30 June, 2010

    ok out of nowhere my micro SD card stopped working. It used to work b4. I have a 2GB Nokia micro SD card, I m using an adapter came with that card only. Today when I tried to put some songs in my mem card it is giving me some crap error “Write Protected”. I haven’t changed a single setting of my system or adapter.
    1. Tried formatting card by phone which I manage to do but of no use. Still can’t write it
    2. Tried formatting by PC but can’t. Giving same write protected error
    3. Tried editing registry files as some1 mentioned here for XP but still nothing
    4. Tried locking and unlocking that lock in adapter but no use
    5. Searched internet about this kinda prob and found a solution of applying tape somewhere but I m not sure where as pic is nowhere mentioned
    6. Even tried inserting and ejecting adapter many times

    Plz help me some1 as I m confused y this write protected thing came out of nowhere

  30. admin, 30 June, 2010

    Kunal, I don’t know what the problem could be. Maybe the card, the adapter or the card reader you are using. Is it built in or USB? Perhaps try a different card reader. Also try another 2GB card. Even buying a new one (not Nokia) shouldn’t be expensive and it will come with its own adapter. If you can write to the new card, try copying the files across. If you still have the same write protect error on the PC, then try using a different computer and/or card reader.

    Is your phone still under warranty? Even if not, you could take it to a Nokia service centre and have them check your card and adapter.

    Good luck!

  31. Kunal, 30 June, 2010

    It has nothing to do with my phone coz in phone it is working fine… the error I m getting appears when I try to edit it from my laptop… I m not using any card reader… there is a build in slot for that adapter in my laptop… And I tried another card also but same probs… but haven’t tried another adapter… I know that might work but then I have to buy a new card to get an adapter :(

    not sure but I think it’s some hardware probs… seems like adapter is permanently locked

    Thnx for the reply tho… I guess only solution left is buying a new card/adapter

  32. Admin, 30 June, 2010

    I would say it’s almost definitely the card reader. I have a similar problem with the one in my netbook. It worked perfectly for months before refusing to recognise that a card was formatted, but only on certain cards. And it still works intermittently. No problem when I used a cheap USB SD card reader dongle as shown on the R-A microsd page – under How to connect SD cards and USB devices to computers and notebooks.

    Do you not know anyone nearby with a card reader you could try?

    For anyone living in or with a friend in the UK who could post it (cheaper than direct delivery unless you’re buying other items), Amazon UK sells a single USB SD adapter for just £1.48. in the US has a USB memory card adapter for multiple cards including SD, CF, MMC, xD, Sony Memory Stick etc for under a dollar!

  33. Kunal, 30 June, 2010

    Ya I have to do that only… gotta ask some friends for the adapter… and if that didn’t worked then card reader

  34. admin, 30 June, 2010

    I think the card reader is more likely to be the problem than the SD adapter. Try the card & adapter in someone else’s PC or laptop, using the built-in or an external card reader.
    Sometimes re-booting is required to reset the USB ports before inserting a new device.

  35. Ajay, 04 July, 2010

    my 1Gb micro sd card is locked. I am not able to format the card. The card came with nokia 3110 c.
    I dont need the data. I just want 2 to use it again. I can provide any other info if required. Thanks

  36. admin, 04 July, 2010

    Ajay, it seems many people have had this type of SD problem with the 3110.
    You could try this (found at
    “take out the memory card from your phone and format it in computer after that put it back in your phone and go to your phone setting after that go to restore factory setting use security code 12345 or 00000 then your phone will be restored and use it care fully next time”.

  37. la erwin, 04 July, 2010

    kenapa memori micro tidak dapat di baca oleh hp,tp sebelumnya dapat di baca oleh hp.di sambungkan dengan kom[puter dapat di baca tapi tak bisa di buaka yang ada komputer berkata windows was unable to complete the format

  38. admin, 04 July, 2010

    For the benefit of readers and myself, please write in English. Although I once lived in Bali, I don’t understand Bahasa Indonesia. Sorry.

  39. Melanie, 08 July, 2010

    Hi tried all of these things and believe it or not the one that worked was trying a different computer!!! My bf and I have the exact same laptop so I didn’t think it would work but it did so I think my card reader must be damaged or something. Thanks for all the advice you guys posted!

  40. admin, 08 July, 2010

    Thanks, Melanie; happy to help. I suggest you get the small dongle-type USB card reader, available in any computer shop that sells cheap Chinese peripherals.

  41. xufyan, 16 July, 2010

    simple and nice …thanks a lot

  42. mero, 20 July, 2010

    i have a memory but i cant put and thing on it because it is right protected how can i delet this protection?

  43. admin, 21 July, 2010

    Sorry, not enough information. What card and what hardware are you using?

  44. pranav, 30 July, 2010

    hi sir i am having trouble with my mem card as i insert in my phone and pc it show an error that insert disk so sir kindly tell me how to solve this problem

  45. Editor, 30 July, 2010

    Pranav, if you have the same error in the phone and the PC it sounds like a format problem or maybe a faulty card. You might need to replace it. What phone are you using? Have you tried formatting it in the phone?

  46. anarhy991, 23 August, 2010

    i got a problem….i`ve bought to day a 2gb adata microSD card…i got an internal div. for readin cards…but when i put card on…and try to copy somethin it says Write Protected x.x..(i bought this card for an LG GT405 and on phone its workin but on computer no…i`ve read all forums…i`ve found but cannot fix the problem i hope you can help me:-s

  47. admin, 23 August, 2010

    It could be a faulty microSD-SD adapter which has the write protect slide switch. Try using another one or the fixes suggested on the MicroSD page at
    It might be your internal card reader. Try an external one.
    Have you tried connecting to a PC via Bluetooth or cable if supplied? That might work too.

  48. Sara, 09 September, 2010

    Heey, well i am overcese at the moment , and we have a usb internet cable that we use for the internet, and i want to put some of my picture from my microSD memory card to the computer, but when ever i put it in it says (microSD is not detected please insert microSD into the dongle) i dont really know what that means, and i put it in right but it still wont work, it worked for someone elses mermory card but it just wont work for mine .. ?! can you please help me please!?? Thanks sara.

  49. admin, 10 September, 2010

    Hi Sara, I’d like to help but you need to give more information as I requested in the post. What kind of card is it, what is the card from? Phone or camera and what brand and model? What does the USB cable connect to? A card reader, the device? What is the dongle you mention? The SD adapter? What kind of computer? Where does the error message appear?

  50. Danny, 16 September, 2010

    I have a kingston 2bg memory card and when I insert it in to my phone (motorolla EM325) it says remove and insert card again and when I connect it to my pc I cant acces it , and I cant format it , it tells me card cannot be formated

  51. admin, 17 September, 2010

    The EM325 can take a maximum of 2GB, so that’s not the problem. You may have a faulty card which should be exchanged under warranty. How are you connecting the card to the computer? Can you get hold of another card or SD adapter to try?

  52. Roland Spence, 27 October, 2010

    My 8GB kingston memory card also show the same error. Please guide me how to resolve this problem. There are some files which are very important.

  53. baffle-boy, 17 November, 2010

    i attempted the registry edit for XP to get access to a microSD card that i bought that CAME write-protected (with no switch on it of course). everything went as described but after i changed it from 3 to 0… nothing changed, the card is still write-protected, and i still can’t format it. what else can i do?

  54. admin, 17 November, 2010

    The microSD card has no switch. It works through the adapter, which maybe is the problem. Try another adapter. How/where are you trying to use this card? Try to get help or replacement from the vendor.

  55. baffle-boy, 18 November, 2010

    i was simply trying to plug it right into the card reader on the front of my PC. i currently have no working microSD to Sd adapter on which to switch the lock so i need a software fix.

  56. admin, 18 November, 2010

    Now I’m baffled! Are you sure your built in card reader accepts microSD cards direct? That’s a new one on me. I think you need the adapter to make it standard SD size. What device are you trying to use the card with? Can you not connect it by cable and read and write to the card that way?

  57. randy vaughan, 14 December, 2010

    Sansung Rugby 2…
    the files in folders on the SD card are easily sorted to “by name” and remain that way…
    but regardless of what i’ve tried, after i’ve tried to sort all the folders by name, it resorts to the apparent default “sort by date”….
    any ideas?

  58. admin, 14 December, 2010

    Sorry Randy, I don’t know the phone at all, but I see it uses Java Apps. Take a look at this one which may or may not be relevant to your problem.

  59. Kris, 06 January, 2011

    i have a Kingston MicroSDHC Class 4 32GB. it came with an adaptor and i want to use it on an Oregon Scientific ATC9K cam-corder. the manual states that it is compatible with such a class and size of card.

    when i plug it into its adaptor and then into a computer (iMac) it works fine, read and write however when i pug it into the camera and record it comes up write protected.
    any ideaS?

  60. admin, 07 January, 2011

    Not really, Kris, other than the software fix. Have you tried to format it in the camcorder? Sounds like that’s where the problem is. Can you try a different microSD in the camcorder?

  61. admin, 18 February, 2011

    I understand that 2GB was maximum readable for the original Nokia 6300.

    Update 17th February 2014.
    For the past 5 years I have done my best both here and on the R-A web page to offer solutions, workarounds and utility programs I have found by searching forums for users (including myself!) with similar problems. SD and microSD cards still have issues that have never been fully addressed by card, phone or camera manufacturers or operating system providers.

    If you have an SD card problem, you need to read the information fully, and/or download and run certain programs to manage your card. However, chances are high that your data and card format are already lost. You will need a replacement card.

    Most importantly, start BACKING UP CARD DATA REGULARLY as soon as you start using a device that has an SD card. Don’t wait for the problem to start!

    Sorry, but from February 2014, new comments cannot be posted.

  62. David Huntley, 21 March, 2011

    Hi there I am using a few different sized SD cards from an 8 gig micro, 4 gig SD and 8 gig SD, when I try and reformat them it comes up write protected. I am trying to install Win7 onto an SD card to upgrade my mini that I have. I also reformatted the 8 gig micro SD inside a digital camera and now my phone can not read it, do you have any ideas on how i can try and fix this by taking the write protection off of the cards? Thanks for your help

  63. admin, 21 March, 2011

    Sorry, David, nothing other than what’s already suggested on the Microsd page such as the format utility on the SD Association site at Note that this is SD Formatter Version 3.0 which also caters for the higher capacity SDHC (up to 32GB) and SDXC (up to 2TB) cards.

    From what I have read, getting Win 7 onto an SD card and actually installing it from there is not an easy task! You might find some useful information here:

  64. Ricardo R C, 30 March, 2011

    Hi, admin.
    I have two MicroSD HC cards, and both display the message “Write Protect” when I try to format them. They display the information 254GB in SDFormatter (SDXC mode, incorrect), and I don’t reach the format the cards. I already try to use the Windows XP Disk Manager, that inform the volume is ok, but with 254GB of capacity, and I don’t get create a partition… Do you have some ideas??? Thanks.

  65. admin, 30 March, 2011

    Sorry, I don’t. The maximum for HC is 32GB. What make and capacity is shown on these cards? Where did you buy them and can you not get support from the manufacturer or supplier site?

  66. prasanna, 25 April, 2011

    hello…can u help me plz..?
    i got an micro sd card and also an adapter…the switch on it is in unlock position and i tried to format it..but it says that it is write protected…i even tried the tape-thing..but it didn’t workout..can u plz tell me how to remove the write-protection for the sd card??

  67. prasanna, 25 April, 2011

    can u tell me how to remove the write protection for a micro sd card???
    i hav tried many times….n the tape-thing too…but it did not work out…plz help me..

  68. admin, 25 April, 2011

    Sorry Prasanna, everything I know is on the webpage. Some of these cards are just faulty and should be replaced under warranty.

  69. kwashi301, 18 May, 2011

    i have a problem when transferring albums of mp3s to my micro sd, no matter whether it’s in my phone or an sd adaptor. certain albums will appear to transfer, but the album folder is empty when opened.

  70. admin, 18 May, 2011

    I don’t know the reason for that. Perhaps you could try transferring with WinImage which is free to use for 30 days without restrictions.

  71. Nasha, 27 May, 2011

    I have a 4gb micro sd memory card and its been read only since i started dowloading applications from blackberry application world. Whatever i do it wont unset read-only for my memory card :( this is preventing me from deleting any file as well as copying any other file to the memory card. I need help to unset it.

  72. admin, 27 May, 2011

    Copy the files to another drive or disk (using WinImage if necessary) and try reformatting the card.

  73. Prithvi, 25 June, 2011

    I use a trancend brand 4gb micro sd in my nokia 5233 mobile. .I download many files using gprs . Suddenly there an error has occured don’t know how. .It shows that’disk error’. .From then i couldn’t able to delete files and even copy files from it . And even it is not getting formatted . .Even on pc also. . So plz find me a solution. Plz plz

  74. admin, 25 June, 2011

    Sorry, Prithvi, I have no solution for you other than trying the various options on the web page. I just Googled the forums for 5233 card problems and you are not alone. I suspect it’s the phone. I have lost a lot of faith in Nokia in the past year, and also in microSD cards. I doubt you can retrieve your data.

  75. Fee, 10 August, 2011

    Good day,
    My micro SD memory card got broken recently. It was hit by a hard object and snapped. As such, it’s not being recognised by PCs. Is there anyway to access the data contained therein? Thanks.

  76. admin, 11 August, 2011

    I have found a solution for retrieving data from a broken SD card but for a microSD I can only suggest trying to superglue the pieces together WITHOUT getting any on the contacts. You might need a strong magnifying glass to see what you’re doing. Good luck.

  77. Lock, 19 August, 2011

    Hope someone can help, I am having trouble locating my photos on the SD card. They don’t appear on the cards folder on the PC, but I know they are there. if I go to Properties and look at the “Used Space”, there are 800MB more than if I was to go INTO the FOLDER itself and select all of the photos I can see and check their properties, which is only 38MB.

    These photos “missing” cannot be seen on the camera i took them from, not on the PC, but I know for sure they are still there because I have even tried to recover the SC card, every photos I have deleted from even 6 months ago (over 5GB worth) can be found but not the ~100 that are “missing”. I have also tried to archieve the SD card with WINRAR but still there was only the 38MB. Just wondering how I can locate these files on the card? The only idea I have left is to actually delete everything or re format the card and see if I can recover the ~100 photos on the recovering program. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated. Thanks

  78. admin, 19 August, 2011

    All I can suggest is to try the free photo recovery program ReclaiMe.

  79. Jackie, 22 August, 2011

    i have a galaxy samsung every time i insert my memory its burning hot and it wont read my files :( is there any way i can recover?

  80. admin, 22 August, 2011

    I would take the phone to a Samsung service centre and ask them to try a different card. That would establish whether the problem is the phone or your card.

  81. David, 31 August, 2011

    I can’t remember my micro SD card password. What can i do?

  82. admin, 01 September, 2011

    There are various ways to retrieve the password and you might have had the answer already if you’d mentioned what phone or device you are using it in.

  83. clain, 01 September, 2011

    hi there , i have a nokia 5233 mobile . I have a 2gb memory card in it .. I used internet 4 around 1 month for downloading games and all suddenly 4m past 1 week the card is showing read only and nothing can be deleted or moved from it niether from pc it can be formatted please help..

  84. admin, 02 September, 2011

    Sorry, every possible solution I have heard of is mentioned on my R-A Micro SD page. Have you tried any or all of them? Also see 5233 comment on June 25.

  85. brindes ecológicos, 15 September, 2011

    I like this website it’s a masterpiece! Glad I observed this on google.

  86. Fernando, 21 September, 2011

    I have a laptop and I am unable to use the SD drive on it. I have ran the internal windows check to see if there is anything wrong with the SD drive and it keeps on saying that everything is fine and functional. I have tried multiple SD cards and I am still unable to get it to work. I have visited Microsoft’s website and have found nothing to help me. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to computers can you help me?

  87. admin, 21 September, 2011

    Fernando, I had the same problem a few months after I bought my BenQ netbook (great in every other respect). It simply stopped reading SD cards or microSD adapters, coming up with card unformatted or unrecognized errors. Occasionally one would work for a while then stop. I searched, found and downloaded new card drivers (Realtek CRW 0158), uninstalled the original and reinstalled the new ones. I still had the problem. The card reader is there in Devices; I get the chime when I insert (or remove) a card, but it shows as unformatted. As the card has files, I do not try and reformat it because I know it makes no difference. So now I just use external USB card readers and adapters.

  88. Tshegofatso mphela, 27 September, 2011

    The problem i have is that my memory card has formated . All i want 2 know is that how can i replace all the files in the memory card.

  89. admin, 27 September, 2011

    No one can help you with so little information. What kind of card, what device is it from and what kind of files have you lost?

  90. Grace, 29 September, 2011

    Please help me. I think I screwed my microSD card. Its a sandisk class 4 16gb microSD. Before I did anything, i checked the capacity and it was showing 14-15gb. I then used winimage to write the file generic-sdcard-v1.3.img to the card.

    I then went to mycomputer and double clicked the drive for the card which showed a messaged prompting me to format the disk. I thought that the image was not written to the card so I clicked ok to format it.

    This time round when i double clicked the drive for the card, it showed some contents which i deleted since I intended to redo the process with win image. Now the card keeps showing 117mb no matter how many times i format it, even after using the SDformatter. I have tried to eject the card and reinsert, reboot my computer, formatting it countless times but it doesnt work =(

  91. admin, 29 September, 2011

    Grace, you mentioned trying to copy the WinImage image file to the card. This may be the reason for your problem. Perhaps you missed the procedure for copying across only the files you wanted, using the Folders Injection option:

    “Use the ‘Disk’ ‘Inject Folders’ option. This lets you add the files and folders you want to transfer but leaves the rest of the card’s full capacity available.

    The ‘Disk’, ‘Write disk’ option allows you to restore the image to a new card, but will reformat the card to the same size as the original. You almost certainly want to put the files on a larger capacity SD card, so injecting as above is the correct option.”

    Your card may be screwed, but you may be able to revive it with a low level format using a program I just found at HDDGURU. I’ve also added it to the tools offered on the R-A MicroSD page. Make sure you select the correct drive letter (NOT C:) before you start a reformat, otherwise you will screw up more than just your card!! Good luck. Otherwise, think about getting it replaced.

  92. Cio, 30 September, 2011

    I have problem with my phone memory card.
    Which is MicroSD 2GB. I search my problem in Internet I found a solutions but all solutions I already tried and nothing happened. Now my problem is that my phone which is Nokia C3-00 cannot detect my memory card. It happened went my classmate borrowed my cellphone and he removed the memory card and I was their and went he put it back the icon of memory card is gone. Thank you very much and please help me.

  93. admin, 30 September, 2011

    Can the card be read from a computer? Have you tried formatting it using the tools on my Micro SD page? Can you take the phone to a Nokia service shop and/or try a different card?

  94. Ayoola, 03 October, 2011

    With the trend I’ve been seeing these days concerning Micro SD cards, I’ve discovered that they fail a lot. For all those whose Micro cards are write-protected, I’ll just advice you to copy the contents somewhere else and toss the card away. This is a very hard and funny thing to believe that a Micro card on it’s own can be write-protected (seeing that it doesn’t have the ‘lock’ switch)

    I bought 3 Micro SD cards 16GB from Amazon and discovered that the one on my BlackBerry Bold 9650 just became writed-protected on it’s own. I tried formating from a system but shows the write-protection error and other cards did not (with the same adapter). I also tried using a buit-in card reader (which does not require an adapter) but the same problem persists.

    I as well tried low-level format applications like BOOTICE, HDLLFT, SDFormatter (the official SD formatting application) and even Windows Command Line tools (Diskpart and Fdisk). If anybody knows something else maybe we can all benefit but as far as I know, the content of the card remains intact no matter what you do to it. You can only read but can’t write, delete, modify or overwrite.

  95. admin, 03 October, 2011

    “….concerning Micro SD cards, I’ve discovered that they fail a lot”. I couldn’t agree more, Ayoola.

  96. niranjan, 09 October, 2011

    I’am using a nokia 3500 classic…!!! and i was using a 1GB micro sd…!!!
    it’s almost two years, but now it’s giving problem that ‘password protected’ the micro sd.
    i have not even given a password before…
    i usually remove the micro sd and i have inserted many micro sd…!!! but after inserting mine again it was working well …!!!
    but 3weeks ago i inserted my friends micro sd to transfer songs after transferring as usual i put mine back to my phone after that i’am pissed off… it’s showing enter password… there are eight digits to enter… i don’t no what to do… bro plz help me…!!!
    i dint even put up a back up… all the important files are in the micro sd… how can i remove the password? or how can i find out?
    plz help me…
    waiting for ur positive reply…

  97. admin, 10 October, 2011

    I’ve looked into this micro sd password problem and it seems you are one of thousands.

    Nokia says take it to a service centre and get the MMC password reset.

    Try reading the card in a computer, using more than one card reader if the first one doesn’t work. If you’re lucky even once, copy all the files to another destination. Use WinImage if necessary. Replace the card and restore the files.

    Reformat the card using various methods offered, but you will lose the data.


  98. kelly, 11 October, 2011

    I have Nokia 5130 Xpress Music mobile phone…with this i get 1 GB MICRO SD memory card…then i switch to another mobile Nokia X2 and i use the same memory card, and now its creating problem…
    1. I lost my songs…
    2. why i connect m/m card from PC it open (autoplay) but it dont show anything…
    then i format my card…n lost all my data :(

    now when i try to paste something it show “Please insert a disc into drive: H”

    im getting mad…:S
    please help…

  99. admin, 11 October, 2011

    Don’t get mad, get another card and try it in the phone.

  100. kia, 11 October, 2011


    i have a samsung chat s3353 and today I inserted it into a laptop to cut and paste my files from the card to the laptop. i then copied some songs into the card and when i inserted it back to the phone, the phone keeps hanging and restarting. when i remove the card, the phone works fine but when i re-insert it, it hangs and restarts again. what’s causing this? and how can i remedy it? thanks.

  101. admin, 11 October, 2011

    It sounds like the format has been destroyed. Can you still read the card in the laptop?

  102. kia, 11 October, 2011

    yes I can still read them on the laptop. I just tried it. I tried erasing some files but it’s still doing the same thing

  103. admin, 12 October, 2011

    The problem seems to be the phone being unable to recognise the card format now. I suggest copying all the files somewhere else and try reformatting the card on the phone. If that works okay you can try copying some of the files back to the card into the correct folders.

    Perhaps there’s another way you can import files e.g. WiFi, via cable, Bluetooth using Samsung software – without removing a functioning card from the phone?

  104. matthew, 15 October, 2011

    phone model:nokia c3
    memory card: micro sd 2gb
    ..when i put in da memory card into da card slot..and when i check,it tels no memory card inserted…. i have no idea how did it happened??
    thr r many valuables photos in dat memory card.pls help me.

  105. admin, 15 October, 2011

    All da info I have to fix it or save da photos is on da micro sd page. You hafta use da tools yousef.

  106. Branda Rohowetz, 16 October, 2011

    How Ya Doin was just surfing through the search engines looking for some new learning posts when i located this post on google buzz. I had to write you a comment to let you know that I really appreciated this blog post. I cannot discover very much good quality anymore on the net anymore with all the useless posts out there so whenever I do find a good blog post I treasure it. Keep up the excellent job and I am certain this website is going to go a long ways and become extremely well-known

  107. saeed871, 29 October, 2011

    hi all of my sd had locked before and i try every way:format,sitch lock key on adabtor,chek encryption on my phone(htc photon) and etc i realy need help.

  108. admin, 29 October, 2011

    I’m sorry but I think what you probably need is a new SD card. If you’ve formatted it, the data is probably lost. You could try one of the recovery tools mentioned on the MicroSD page. If a phone or computer can’t read the card after formatting, it has failed. I suggest you get a new one and test it in the shop if possible.

  109. Cara Eapen, 01 November, 2011

    This website doesn’t show up correctly on my blackberry – you might want to try and fix that

  110. admin, 01 November, 2011

    Thanks for your feedback. The site now has a Mobile and Smartphone Detector which I hope fixes the display problem. Please let me know!

  111. Ben, 01 November, 2011

    Phone model: Samsung Omnia Pro b7330
    Memory Card: Micro SD
    Size: 8 gb
    Computer: Windows Vista
    Whenever I want to copy something from my computor onto my sd card, I always get the same response: “The disk is write- protected. Remove the write- protection or use another disk.”I’ve tried fiddling around with the lock switch- up, down, in between. It never works.

  112. admin, 02 November, 2011

    Ben, it could be a faulty micro SD adapter for which you could try the ‘tape trick’ on the MicroSD page. The switch is supposed to press two contact pins inside the card reader together and the tape sometimes helps. Insulation tape is best as it’s thicker than Scotch/Sellotape. Better to try using a different card reader. If you can’t get one easily, here’s a page I just found that shows you how to fix the card reader contact pins: Scroll down to see photos of what’s involved. Good luck!

  113. Bernice Segers, 04 November, 2011

    I just wanted to comment and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here.

  114. Shovon, 15 November, 2011

    Phone model:Nokia 6500 Slide
    Memory Card: Micro SD
    Size:2 gb
    Pc:Windows 7
    when i try to copy something from my pc to mobile it copies.But when i see from my mobile the folder i copied show blank inside and show 0.0kb size. If I copy a file it says unknown format.Please help me

  115. admin, 16 November, 2011

    Try using a different method for file copying such as Nokia PC Suite via USB cable or Bluetooth.

  116. kl, 19 December, 2011

    Hi I had a scandisk SDcard which fits into my printer to print photos directly from the printer. The way I found to make the SD writable is Menu>DeviceSettings>readWriteAttribute>Writable from PC(.
    This just worked.Hope someone find it useful.

  117. admin, 19 December, 2011

    It would be helpful to know which menu and device settings you are referring to. I think it may be for certain Canon printers.

  118. Joshua, 11 January, 2012

    I have so many problems with my phone but the only ones I researched on the net are these: how to open the back of my N70 and how to remove the “write-protect” of the card. you guys are so helpful but really, I don’t have anything to slide or to tape and I don’t have any reliable options in my phone menu, tried everything:C thanks anyway

  119. Joshua, 11 January, 2012

    i simply don’t get it … I mean my problem is instantly solved when I opened the windows disk manager and then I opened my memory card… and then it’s not write protected anymore… lol … thats all I did

  120. admin, 11 January, 2012

    Glad you solved your problem, Joshua!

  121. Joshua, 12 January, 2012

    sometimes when I attach it , it still says that it’s write-protected but I try to attach it again and again and then it’s not write-protected anymore… lol

  122. Joshua, 12 January, 2012

    okay… now what have I done?? the files don’t show up anymore in either phone or computer… but it does same that it has 868 mb free space, the same memory when the files were still there. so how come they don’t show up? what now???

  123. admin, 12 January, 2012

    Joshua, it’s interesting reading your ongoing commentary, but tell me exactly how you are trying to read the card, what type of connection, what operating system.

  124. willy, 13 January, 2012

    Ok, so I experienced the very same issue like everyone else, I have a small caffe-internet and I am always downloading stuff for people into their micro sd or m2, and I have gone true 4 or 5 adapter reader’s… now I always have a spare adapter ready for the next write-protected error… than I know it’s time to crack open a new package; every-time I get that error message… here where am at those adapters go for 3 – 4 $ each…. so I hope this helps some one out-there….

  125. admin, 13 January, 2012

    Great idea, Willy; it’s often a faulty card reader or SD adapter that’s the problem. Now that micro SD adapters are available and cheap (see the post), it’s better not to use an adapter.

  126. Santhosh Lakshmanan, 26 January, 2012

    nokia 5320 xpress music
    kingston 4 gb micro sdhc class4
    recently the card got locked unexpectedly. it asks for a lock code, i suspect a slight physical damage,
    whether the card is locked or damaged,
    and how to use the card again….

  127. admin, 26 January, 2012

    Santosh, if nothing on the web page helps you, then try these solutions I just found which should work on various Nokia phones:

    1. Use or download File Manager to read the phone memory. Copy the “MMC store” folder to a computer. Open it with Notepad and you will find the password.

    2. Try reformatting the card in a computer. Then use password 1234 in the phone if asked.

    If you think the card is damaged, replace it. Go to a Nokia service centre if there’s one near you.

  128. Shashi, 27 January, 2012

    I had bought Nokia 5800 2 years back and it came with a 8-GB micro SD card (no company name mentioned on it). 3 days back, I was putting a CFW on my phone and when it booting up for the first time, I inserted the Micro SD card in the phone. Since then, my phone shows ‘Memory Card Corrupted’ when I view the card. While formatting thru the phone, it won’t. On XP, it can’t format. On DOS, it can’t (says Disk Unusable or Sector 0 error (or something)). I’ve tried on Disk Mgmt, but it can’t. Tried with HP formatting tool, Low Level formatting, and even yours ‘SD Formatting’ software…… however none of them work. Its also Write-Protected (by some software). Its not a SD card (to have a notch). The files have become RAW and can’t be converted into FAT or NTFS. I just want to save the card (I still have my data backup). And I’ve tried all the basic formatting techniques known on DOS and Windows…

    Any help would be appreciated….

  129. anoop.a, 27 January, 2012

    my phone 2700c my memorycard SD micro 4GB
    memory card problem is very defcult. it can’t be delete,formating and renaming any folders and meory card what can i do?

  130. admin, 27 January, 2012

    If you’ve tried everything I list on the web page, then the only alternative is to send it to a professional, but that’s probably going to cost more than a new card.

  131. admin, 27 January, 2012

    Have you tried using a computer with card reader? If none of the suggestions on the web page work, then you might need a new card.

  132. Walt, 27 January, 2012

    Kingston 2GB MicroSD Card and a SanDisk 4GB MicroSD HC Card
    Kingston Micro SD Adapter

    With a micro sd card plugged in to the micro sd adapter, I plugged the adapter in to the adapter slot in the ALL IN 1 CARD READER USB.

    I then tried many(if not all) of the fixes I found online. None worked, still write protected.

    Then I removed the micro sd card from the adapter and plugged the micro sd card(without the adapter) in to the micro sd slot in the ALL IN 1 CARD READER USB.

    I am now able to format, and/or delete files/folders, from the 2GB micro sd card and the 4GB micro SD card at will. No more write protection.

  133. admin, 27 January, 2012

    Well there you go; the problem is often just a faulty microSD adapter. Did the SanDisk not come with its own adapter?

  134. Walt, 28 January, 2012

    No, for the price of $3 the SanDisk 4GB MicroSD HC Card did not include an adapter.

  135. admin, 28 January, 2012

    That makes $3.50 for a microSD adapter (I just updated the post) more than what you paid for the card!

  136. Deni, 29 January, 2012

    i’ve done soo much research on this tiny teeny little card, i dont have write protection anymore but i got another problem, it says access denied everytime i try to write on the microsd card. i dont know what to dooooooo. please help, i would very much appreciate it.

  137. admin, 29 January, 2012

    Sorry, you didn’t read the note above? No details, no help…

  138. Huy, 24 February, 2012

    Ok so i bought a 32gb sandisck micro sd card i also have an adaptor that plugs into the computer to transfer files. I originally have a 16gb samsung micro sd card. My samsung sd card works perfectly the movies and music that is loaded on there works no matter if i plug it in my android tablet and phone it works. but with the sandisk it doesn’t work i transferred music and movies and only the music works. i have reformatted it many times and still nothing. The movies are mp4 format. Any help in what to do??

  139. admin, 24 February, 2012

    Sorry, no idea at the moment. Anyone else out there …?

  140. gw, 25 February, 2012

    I have 4 locked micro SD cards.
    In general I have two problems:
    – Not recognized as disk: When I insert them, typically error messages pop up saying that the drive is empty or not ready
    – Read only: I cannot modify the content of the disk

    I have used 4 different card readers ranging from:
    – Windows 7 pc – dell reader + SD card adapter
    – Windows 7 pc – Sandisk USB adapter + SD card reader
    – Android phone – mounted as disk
    – Panasonic camera + SD card adapter
    All of these readers work perfectly with my other micro-SD cards.

    I used the folowing software:
    – Windows 7 format
    – gparted-live-0.11.0-10
    – EASEUS Partition Master 9.1.0 Home Edition
    – MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition
    – HP Flash drive boot utility
    – SDFormatter V3.1
    – killdisk

    I tried the following:
    – work with the lock switch on the SD card adapter
    – format, overwrite, etc with all the mentioned options

    Nothing works. And by the way, I do not believe that any of the cards below is really broken.


    type: micro-sd
    brand: sandisk
    sku: sdsdqm-004g-b35
    size: 4GByte
    Problem: Not recognized as disk, most likely encrypted by windows phone 7.5

    type: micro-sd
    brand: samsung
    class: 2
    size: 8Gb
    text: MMP3R08UACA-GE IY052F000 038
    Problem: Not recognized as disk

    type: micro-sd
    brand: sandisk
    size: 8Gb
    text: 0826102875DOU
    Problem: Read only

    type: micro-sd
    brand: sandisk
    size: 4GB
    text: 1036106020D3C
    Problem: Read only

  141. admin, 26 February, 2012

    You’ve obviously spent a lot of time on this and have tried to analyse the problem. There may be more than one issue, even a virus. Perhaps test and/or reformat these cards using completely different hardware. You might find a common denominator. Sorry I can’t help, and best of luck.

  142. ganesh, 13 March, 2012

    hello just one week back by i removed my memory card from card reader at the time of transmission of data….afterthat my memory card is working in pc(with some errors in copying like parameters errors) but when m inserting to my mobile it says memory error….i formetted totally …but still it is showing the same msg….please give the good solution about it….

    mobile :samsung guru Muzik
    memory card : 2gb

  143. admin, 13 March, 2012

    I’ll give you the easiest solution: take your phone to a shop and try a new card. 2Gb is cheap.

  144. nasser, 16 March, 2012

    can i use samsung micro sd to a nokia mobile phone?tnx…

  145. admin, 16 March, 2012

    Micro SD cards should be usable in any device with a slot for one. Note that some Nokia phones have files stored on the card by default.

  146. zonic, 18 March, 2012

    i am not able to create a folder on the root of mmc while i can create folders inside the folder which was already in the mmc. I am also not able to download or copy files to root of mmc. I use nokia e63

  147. admin, 19 March, 2012

    Don’t have personal experience, but read the comments towards the end of this page:

  148. luke white, 12 April, 2012

    I have a HTC sensation beats phone ihave been using the memory card happily for some time,but all of a sudden it tells me there is no card inserted anymore,I have removed and reinserted and tried my other memory cards but still the same thing no sd card inserted

  149. admin, 12 April, 2012

    It sounds like a phone problem if you’ve also tried other cards. Maybe you should look for answers from HTC users.

  150. Jay, 24 April, 2012

    I have a sandisk 2gb class 4 micro sd
    i tried using a micro sd card reader and direct connecting the device (micro sd in it) to pc thro usb cable and i get the same problem
    and the problem is : i copied 50 songs to the micro sd and it works , the second i remove the micro sd from the device or adapter and reconnect it back random files stops being readable!!! i tried formatting it and trying it again and same thing happens
    any idea?? awating your kind reply

  151. admin, 24 April, 2012

    You don’t mention what the ‘device’ is. Are you using the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ utility before removing the card from the reader and/or the reader or device from the PC? Have you tried rebooting before reconnecting same? Have you tried using different USB ports?

  152. Jay, 24 April, 2012

    the devices are either an asus transformer or a motorola driod razr and even htc one x all tried on, and i tried safe remove and i even rebooted the device without removing the micro sd and still the same, after reboot half of the files in the micro sd stops working but they exist with the correct size, just it wont work stating (the file is not supported)
    as long as i dont remove or reboot the device that is holding the micro sd, all files work even if it was full

  153. admin, 24 April, 2012

    You could spend a lot more time trying to figure out the problem which may be file or card format incompatibility or other fault, or just get a higher capacity card and adapter; 2Gb is not much these days!

  154. Dave Humphreys, 25 April, 2012

    Can’t upload pics from my 2GB FujiFilm SD card to my PC, with card in my Nikon D40X camera. Uploading to PictureProject or Picasa fails. A different card is OK.

  155. admin, 25 April, 2012

    This seems to be a Nikon D40X problem that others have had. Sorry I can’t help, but you may find some solutions here: or

  156. Shawn, 27 April, 2012

    HELLO i got a 16 gig micro sd card with a new phone the card may have been pulled out rong *remove card safely,unmmount* but my bet is on the phone it was crap and had to go back but anyways micro sd card without lock shows in widows but windows says it’s wright protected will not show on any cell i have tried it in looking for a way to wipe all info off the card i know the wright protection is on the cards software nothing i can do gets passed it wright protection don’t want to lose a good 16 gig card but i’m out of options

  157. admin, 27 April, 2012

    All I can suggest is to try reformatting it using a card reader/adapter with one or more of the utilities on the R-A MicroSD page.

  158. Shawn, 27 April, 2012

    i did it still says wright proted please slide lock tried with adapter and still stays locked

  159. admin, 28 April, 2012

    Have you tried the adapter workarounds or used a different one?

  160. l, 25 July, 2012

    Hey I have a 2g micro sd card for a blkberry fone. When I insert my meomry card it says “media card can not be assessed due to fatal errors. I tried putting the card into an adaptor 2 get my pictures onto the computer but the computer could not pick it up, I also tried putting it in a different fone and it stil would not wrk. Is there a way of saving my pictures and videos? Thanks

  161. admin, 25 July, 2012

    Have you tried the links mentioned on the Micro SD page Card Recovery or for a broken SD? If so, then you may be out of luck.

  162. Kibalama, 14 August, 2012

    Hello, I have a Blackberry 9300. About a week ago I took my card out (KINGMAX 8GB Class 4 HC) as I always do to put some pod-casts… when I inserted it back into the phone, it was read as normal, and then the phone stated that there was a fatal error and the media card can not be accessed. I have Tried formatting/repairing it in the phone, didn’t work. I then used my adapter, connected it to my PC, tried deleting something at first, but nothing happened. I have tried disk check, formatting it, I’ve even gotten some HP SD card software and SD Formatter and the card still give the error that “it is write protected” but it isn’t you see. What can I do? coz 8GB is quite a bit of space to lose just like that!

  163. admin, 14 August, 2012

    You might have to byte the bullet on this one, unless you can find a BlackBerry guru. Sorry.

  164. Akhi, 02 September, 2012

    Hi, actually i have scan disk memory card for my canon slr irs 8 gb, whnever i m trying to copy in my laptop its not copying, error it was showing like parameter is different so not possible to copy, can u please tell me why it happend, and i formated it before using my memory is it because of it

  165. admin, 03 September, 2012

    Sorry, can’t help as you don’t say how you’re trying to transfer files. Do you have a cable and software? Try Canon support forums or blogs for similar problems.

  166. skeelee, 12 September, 2012

    I have exactly the issue as Kibalama with my 16GB micro SDHC. Since the end of July this year, the card seemed to be frozen in time: nothing can be written to it and it cannot be formatted. But the few thousand songs, pictures, videos and all can be read perfectly. I had tried everything including low-level formatting and modifying Windows’ registries. The card retained every bit of its content, and not a bit more can be added.
    Now looking for the receipt to see if it is covered under Sandisk’s life-time warranty, but I would prefer to find a solution to this because another micro SD card may face the same problem later.

  167. Stephane, 24 September, 2012

    Hi, Thanks for your page, I’ll cut to the chase:
    -Sandisk 64GB microSDXC Class 10 UHS-1. Purchased from, a legit one.
    -Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 P6810 and ASUS Transformer TF700

    I got my microSD on friday. It came formatted as exFAT, but since it’s for my Samsung Tab, I tried to format it to FAT32, using Easeus Partition Master. I got it done, and transferred many videos on it. It seemed to be working fine.

    On saturday, I wanted to add some files, and notices some folders were missing. Then I could not copy anymore files.

    Now, the situation is: none of my tablets are reacting to the card. And when inserted in it, my Win7 laptop is asking me to format it…only to say that it’s unable to do it when I try to.

    When I try to format using Easeus Partition Master, it says the disk is “write-protected”…of course, it’s not…

    I thought I could use the registry fix, but how could that solve my problem, since I can transfer files on all my other USB devices??? I’m lost

  168. admin, 24 September, 2012

    Sorry, I can only suggest reformat it using a different program. Otherwise look for similar problems in relevant forums.

  169. lauren, 30 September, 2012

    i have a 4gb sandisk micro sd card for my samsung camera…when in the camera, theres a couple hundred pics on the card…but if i take the card out and put it into the adapter and into my laptop, (both sd adapter and usb adapter) when i open the folder, there are no pictures. desperate to get these pics off the card and on to the laptop so i can order prints! help!

  170. admin, 30 September, 2012

    Lauren, have you tried using the USB cable and connecting the camera to the laptop via the Samsung Intelli Studio software? That works with my DV100 (after installing the program, connect the cable, then turn camera power on). Once you have uploaded the files, you’ll find them in My Documents\Intelli-studio.

    You may also be able to set PC software ‘Off’ in the camera’s Settings and USB connect the card direct. No need for adapter or card reader. If it doesn’t work first time, try rebooting the laptop and reinserting the USB cable.

    I have just tried using its 4GB Transcend card in two SD adapters and two card readers. I found that I had to reboot my computer and reinsert the card reader before it was recognized. The adapters are fine, but only one reader works, the other doesn’t recognize the card or is faulty.

    In your case, if you mean you can see the card as a drive with folders but no photo files in the DCIM sub folder, that is a different problem. Yours may be different, but my card contains 3 folders DATABASE, DCIM & SYSTEM. In DCIM there is a sub folder 100PHOTO and all the JPG and AVI files are in there.

    Hope some of that helps.

  171. james mathew, 14 October, 2012

    my mro sd memory card of 2 gb shows data error when i played music……………..i dont know that how it happens ….is this company memory is worst one among other product or do you have any solution … than you can email me

  172. admin, 14 October, 2012

    There are lots of things you can try,

    and they are listed on the Web page.

  173. Sanjay Thakur, 16 October, 2012

    hi admin,.. i have 8 gb micro sd card of sandisk. when i copying some vedios or pics from pc to memory card through card reader, then it sucessfully copied,. and also played sucessfully into my phone,. but when again i connect my memory card to pc through card reader, then i am unable to open any vedio or pictures contained in Mem. card into my PC. and also some files and folders generated automatically named in chinies like characters,. I formatted it many times, scanned it through updated antivirus but does not get any result,.. problem still continued,…

  174. admin, 17 October, 2012

    Sorry, Sanjay, I don’t know the answer. Sometimes a PC reboot helps by resetting the USB ports. Or try a different reader or PC. I cannot get my PC to read my phone’s 8GB card (it asks for format) via USB cable, but on my notebook it’s fine! Or replace the SD card.

  175. sid, 19 October, 2012

    the sd adapter is not helping me, i’m using a huawei modem as a card reader and, i want to format the card, the computer can’t format it, tried formatting on a nokia and blackberry phone but doesnt work. i downloaded a sd formatter but gives write protection error. what can i do??

  176. admin, 19 October, 2012

    I would replace the card.

  177. Priyank, 25 December, 2012


    I have a Samsung 16 GB Micro SD card. I use it in my HTC sensation. When I try to connect to my laptop to transfer files it says “The disk is write protected”
    But when I use it in my SD card adapter and insert in my laptop it copies the files easily from my laptop to the card.

    Please help me out here..!!!

  178. admin, 25 December, 2012

    You don’t say how you are trying to connect to the laptop. Be thankful the SD adapter method works!

  179. Brigitte Olquin, 18 January, 2013

    This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me. Thanks!|

  180. helena, 19 January, 2013

    hi i have a Samsung galaxy s2 and took my micro sd card out to put in another phone then swapped back again but now i have lost nearly all of my images that i had taken on a previous phone and retained all my pics taken with current phone. they are showing as a plain black image with a crack down it. can they be restored?

  181. admin, 20 January, 2013

    It’s possible, so try the programs already suggested on the web page.

  182. Satish Kumar, 21 January, 2013

    I have 4GB memory card. It is full of data. When i play song in phone’s media player it’s shows all the data like mp3, video but when i go to file manager/gallery it can’t show any type of folder and file. Plz suggest me about this problem.

    Satish Kumar

  183. admin, 21 January, 2013

    You haven’t provided enough detail e.g. which OS or phone model. I suspect it’s the file reader that’s causing the problem, not the card. Can you use a different file manager? Can you read the card on a computer?

  184. tarun, 22 January, 2013

    i have galaxy y phone. i use 4 gb sd card. which play all video, music file in the phone .when i try to used in sd card by a card reader in dvd/pc it show only 2/3 folder not all the file.please tell about it.

  185. admin, 24 January, 2013

    May be a Samsung issue; try a different reader. Probably best not to reformat the card as it may not work properly in the phone.

  186. mokgadi, 25 January, 2013

    i cnt get internet with the tablet its a wireless what must i do to ge conected with internet

  187. admin, 25 January, 2013

    You need to be within range of a WiFi internet connection signal. This can be your own or someone else’s. There might be free WiFi in a hotel, restaurant, cafe or public area near you that you can use.

    To find WiFi signals, turn on WiFi on your tablet and scan for available connections. If there is unsecured WiFi in range, you can connect to it and browse the internet. For a secured connection you will first need the password from the owner.

  188. dexter, 12 February, 2013

    On my blackberry 9900 i security reset the phone and took the sd card out before doing so, unfortunately the sd card was encrypted before i reset my blackberry. So when ever i try to put my memory card in the phone it say’s “A media card has been inserted that contains encrypted files which will be inaccessible by this device.” so therefore i cannot acess my photos and some videos. Any ideas??????

  189. admin, 12 February, 2013

    Try copying the SD card contents (at least the folders with files you want to keep) to a PC, using a card reader with adapter if necessary. Re-format the card in the Blackberry. Transfer the files from the PC into the correct folders on the card via USB and the Blackberry Desktop software.

  190. dexter, 13 February, 2013

    also is there anyway of getting back lost pictures from my phone after i had reset it?

  191. admin, 13 February, 2013

    That would depend on whether they were stored only in the Blackberry phone memory or on the SD card. If you can find them in a folder on the card when you read it on a PC, then you may be able to retrieve them, but not if they were encrypted.

    Having done some research on your behalf, it seems that Blackberry encrypted files have a .rem suffix, in which case they can only be read using the same key that was in the phone at the time. If you reset it, this key has gone permanently.

    However, if you have sent any of the photos to someone else via email etc they would have been unencrypted first to .jpg. That may be a way to get some of them back!

    You need to visit Blackberry forums for help on these issues, including things to consider before resetting the phone, such as removing encryption first and copying the files to another device.

  192. dexter, 17 February, 2013

    I have tried to transfer the media on a computer reseting the memory card and then relading it on, I there any other Way because they are still locked on the memory card and. It still says unable to display file

  193. admin, 17 February, 2013

    Load the files from the computer onto a new card and try that in the phone. But if they are .rem files then they probably cannot be unencrypted.

    In the hope that you and other Blackberry owners can avoid this encryption issue, read the last post on a Crackberry blog page, using the direct link below. The poster describes how to set up Blackberry encryption so that files can be read when the card is in another device. All you need to remember is the password you set for the SD card to begin with; this will ensure you have access to your .rem files if necessary.

  194. Gareth, 27 February, 2013

    i got a samsung galaxy y phone with a sandisk 8gb micro sd card inserted. For a few days now im able to read all the content of my card on the phone but when i connect the card to my pc via usb cable only 4 folders are displayed. My card has about 7gb data used. I thought its a problem with the phone so i connected it with a card reader but the same problem happens. I scaned the card using a antivirus on the pc and found no viruses. The antivirus was scanning all the files even the ones that are not displayed. I tried copying my full card on the pc, its copying all the content but its still only displaying the 4 folders…can you help me out?

  195. admin, 28 February, 2013

    Sorry, nothing more than the programs already recommended for retrieving or copying data. Try WinImage.

  196. uzair, 02 March, 2013

    Few days ago i,m transferd a video from 1 computer to another computer through SD memory card but unfortunately it cannot be played.. can u please tell me the soloution how i can play that video..??

  197. admin, 03 March, 2013

    Not enough detail to help you. Where did the video originate and what format? Many videos need a compatible player with the right codecs available on the host computer. Maybe the second one doesn’t have that.

  198. kailee, 04 March, 2013

    Okay i just bought a brand new ( sandisk 16gb micro sd card) for my nokia E71 model phone and my daughter is trying to bluetooth me some new music from her Htc phone and every time she trys it says that i need to erase some data to continue i havent saved anything to the sd card… Got any ideas??

  199. admin, 04 March, 2013

    It is quite common to have problems with the Nokia E71 and SanDisk 8 or 16 GB card. Useful info for you here including solutions:

  200. aliur, 14 March, 2013

    when i insert my micro sd card in computer.its properties show blank memory.and i also can not find any format option.what can i do ?

  201. admin, 14 March, 2013

    If you have tried every solution offered on this page or at, then I don’t know.

  202. Pavel D, 24 March, 2013

    I have an interesting problem with A-Data 32GB SDHC MicroSD card. I can write files to it and as long as I don’t unmount or remove it from device the content stays on it (at least that is how it looks). However when I unmount card from computer or remove it from my android device (or nokia phone) the content “resets” back to what was stored there previously. Windows check disk reports error during phase 2 (no details about error), in all devices I’m able to format the card without problem but after re-insert the content is still same as if I even didn’t perform format. Today I tried to format the card in my PC and then copy 20GB data on it. Everything seems OK. I’m able to open files from SD card, play videos etc. Then I do the “magic trick” by removing SD card from reader and putting it back and voila – all data I have previously deleted (ie before the format) are back again. I though I know how SD cards / flash drives are working but in this case I really don’t know whats going on… :-)

  203. admin, 24 March, 2013

    Re your A-Data 32GB SD card problem, neither do I! Perhaps someone else reading this may have an idea.

  204. Marqee, 19 April, 2013

    My Problem is stange and very particular.
    I used my smarth phone connected by usb mode to format my micro sd ( Verbatim16 Gb class 2). then removed it and changed the microsd with a bigger one.

    I put the 16 gb microsd (with 2 files of 5gb each ) inside my tablet and was not recognized.
    from this moment neither any pc windows 7/8 or xp ( i tryed 5 ) any with 5 different adapters ( multi card reader with 3 sandisk adapter or kingston adapter or other direct microsd to usb adapter skipping the microsd to SD adapter ) is recognizing this micro sd. Neither other hardware, samsung photo camera , or tablet, mp3 player.

    Is that possible the microsd has beed damaged in the moment i formatted it ?

  205. admin, 19 April, 2013

    5GB files are basically too big for microSD or SD cards with FAT32 format (used on most devices); there is a 4GB maximum file size and Android may additionally have a 2.1GB limit. See

    NTFS as well as Ext4Fs & Ext3Fs formats have much higher single file limits, but cameras and other devices usually don’t support them. For the more technically minded, there are ways to get around these restrictions:

  206. Rooney, 26 April, 2013

    I have a 32gb micro SD card that I was using with my android phone. Since yesterday, It seems like the card has gone into copy/write protected mode. When I connect the card to my computer(windows 7), it automatically recognizes the micro sd card and shows the window which asks to open/play flies..etc..
    I can browse through all the files and folders in the card. But it does not allow me to copy any file from the card to the computer. Nor does it allow any file to be copied from the computer to the card. No files can be opened either.
    I tried formatting the card, but it says it is write protected.
    The situation is the same when trying to access the files directly from the phone. It displays all the files and folders, but does not allow me to copy to or from the card. It does not allow me to open any files either.
    I have a hunch that the firmware is corrupt or something. So, is there any way I can fix this?
    Any help is appreciated.

  207. admin, 26 April, 2013

    I had no luck with a 4GB micro sd from my camera (folders showing but no files), but here’s another free utility you can try: TestDisk

  208. Rooney, 26 April, 2013

    Already tried it.. All the repair softwares gives me the result that my card is perfectly healthy. But the problems remain just as before. I just finished a deep analysis with Zero Assumption Recovery(ZAR) and Driver Restore Pro. Both says there is nothing wrong with the card. (good sectors, no partition errors, boot records). If there is anything else I can try, do tell. I don’t care about the data in the card.. I just want the card to be back in working condition..

  209. admin, 26 April, 2013

    Did you try WinImage yet? Download the free version:

  210. rahul.garima, 30 April, 2013

    i have prob with my transced memory card . its 8gb class 4 micro SDHC. i had use USB data cable to check my data of memory but the anti virus stop its reading means it not open n after some time i check my phone to send tht file to other mobile . there was nathg in it all blank just one file was there (Removable Disk (8GB).Ink)
    size of ths file was 483B . i didnt delt it til now but my phone shows me the capcity of memory its has 3745mb free. wht i shuld do can u help me

  211. admin, 30 April, 2013

    You can try the TestDisk utility. If no success it is likely the card has lost its data files.

  212. Chandru, 01 May, 2013

    I have a similar problem like Pavel i am having 2gb sd card wen i copy from system to card it is being deducted in system not in my phone.

  213. soragodana, 05 May, 2013

    my SD card says sd card blank unamount or unsupport file system.would you help me to access sd card to enable storege!Thank you!

  214. admin, 06 May, 2013

    No details, cannot help. Sorry

  215. admin, 07 May, 2013

    Good news for those with lost Android internal storage or micro SD card files: New software for data recovery from Android phones and tablets including messages, contacts, photos and videos. Download Android Data Recovery (free trial) from About 16MB (for Windows PC).

  216. Shabeer Ali, 12 May, 2013

    I hv just transfered files frm blackberry 9780 micro sd card 2 galaxy s2. . I m nt able 2 view .jpeg.rem files. Hw cn i fix dis

  217. admin, 12 May, 2013

    February comments about BlackBerry encrypted files covered this. On the BlackBerry you can set a password that will be required to access the files if the card is moved to a different phone. Alternatively, disable encryption before removing card from the BlackBerry.

    A summary of comments and replies relating to this BlackBerry SD card encryption issue was posted May 13. Hope it helps those with this problem.

  218. admin, 13 May, 2013


    C Submitted on 2013/02/12 at 1:47 am
    On my blackberry 9900 i security reset the phone and took the sd card out before doing so, unfortunately the sd card was encrypted before i reset my blackberry. So when ever i try to put my memory card in the phone it say’s “A media card has been inserted that contains encrypted files which will be inaccessible by this device.” so therefore i cannot acess my photos and some videos. Any ideas??????

    R Try copying the SD card contents (at least the folders with files you want to keep) to a PC, using a card reader with adapter if necessary.
    Re-format the card in the Blackberry. Transfer the files from the PC into the correct folders on the card via USB and the Blackberry Desktop software.

    C Submitted on 2013/02/13 at 2:17 am
    Also is there anyway of getting back lost pictures from my phone after i had reset it?

    R Submitted on 2013/02/13 at 11:56 am
    That would depend on whether they were stored only in the Blackberry phone memory or on the SD card. If you can find them in a folder on the card when you read it on a PC, then you may be able to retrieve them, but not if they were encrypted.

    Having done some research on your behalf, it seems that Blackberry encrypted files have a .rem suffix, in which case they can only be read using the same key that was in the phone at the time. If you reset it, this key has gone permanently.

    However, if you have sent any of the photos to someone else via email etc they would have been unencrypted first to .jpg. That may be a way to get some of them back!

    You need to visit Blackberry forums for help on these issues, including things to consider before resetting the phone, such as removing encryption first and copying the files to another device.

    C Submitted on 2013/02/17 at 7:47 pm
    I have tried to transfer the media on a computer reseting the memory card and then relading it on, I there any other Way because they are still locked on the memory card and. It still says unable to display file

    Submitted on 2013/02/17 at 8:30 pm
    Load the files from the computer onto a new card and try that in the phone. But if they are .rem files then they probably cannot be unencrypted.

    In the hope that you and other Blackberry owners can avoid this encryption issue, read the last post on a Crackberry blog page, using the direct link below. The poster describes how to set up Blackberry encryption so that files can be read when the card is in another device. All you need to remember is the password you set for the SD card to begin with; this will ensure you have access to your .rem files if necessary.

    Visit the related BlackBerry Forum thread here:

  219. Mohit, 16 May, 2013

    I have a problem that my micro sd card is not getting formatted says its write protected so pls give me the solution to format either to release write protection from my micro sd card….there is nothing like adapter switch and all its just my sd card

  220. admin, 16 May, 2013

    Not enough information. What card, phone etc? If you want to format it in a computer you will need a card reader with micro sd slot or an adapter for full size sd card. This adapter has a switch.

  221. Kristile, 20 May, 2013

    My memory card has been n my BB for months now, but since last week it has been enabling and disabling itself. I have removed it and cleaned the golden strips as suggested, I have cleaned the phone with compressed air. I even made a back up and formatted the card, but it still keeps on doing it. Any other advice?

  222. admin, 21 May, 2013

    Not being a BlackBerry user, I can’t really advise, but trying a different SD card may help locate the problem.

  223. Ana, 02 June, 2013

    Hello.I am a complete noob at this stuff, but I have recently encountered a problem with my memory card and it’s driving me insane.I own a Samsung Star S5230 phone, with a 2GB microSD inside.I have always used the Youtube to mp3 converter to download music to my phone and I’ve never downloaded any viruses or had any problems, but last week something strange happened.While copying a song on my phone (connected to my PC through the USB cable) in a hurry, my phone somehow turned itself off.I turned it back on, but then it started showing that my memory card is completely full (it is actually just about half full with files).I turned my phone off, turned it back on and everything seemed to be working fine, except for the slow performance of my phone while opening my music files.However, when I opened the pictures located on my memory card through my PC, it showed the last taken picture as a 0 byte file.I am unable to delete that file.It also sometimes shows the pictures in windows photo viewer, and a second later it gives me the message “Windows photo viewer cannot open JPEG files because either the file format is not supported or you do not have latest updates to photo viewer”.I have found that this is a common problem out there with no solution at hand.It is also impossible to delete said files because they are apparently “write-protected”.I am also unable to take pictures, as my phone shows a warning when I open the camera stating that there is no more space on the memory card.When I click on “properties” of any of the files which have stuff saved on them (i.e. Sounds, Pictures etc.), it shows they are “read only” files, but I cannot untick he box, as it is grayed out.Sorry for the long comment, but this is pretty important to me, as I have some important photos and basically all of my music saved on the card, and am unable to copy it anywhere else.

  224. Ana, 02 June, 2013

    Sorry, forgot to mention the memory card is a SanDisk.

  225. admin, 02 June, 2013

    Using a PC card reader, you need to make a copy of the SD content. Try using one of the recommended programs like WinImage. Also use trial versions of card recovery programs mentioned in the post, previous comments or the web page to retrieve images. Then perhaps reformat the card, preferably in the phone. Sorry I cannot fix this for you, but if the files are important to you, use any tools you can to see them.

  226. Ana, 02 June, 2013

    Thank you very much for your quick reply.I am happy to inform you that I have found a way to work around the problem.After restarting my computer and another “restart” of my phone, I copied the files to my desktop without opening them, formatted my card through my phone and presto – problem solved.Everything seems to be working fine, I can view the photos and my card is clean.Thank you very much for all the info about memory cards and your help.

  227. admin, 02 June, 2013

    Glad to be of service and thank you for your feedback, Ana.

  228. Jack, 14 June, 2013

    My transcend class 10 micro sd card is all of a sudden not able to be formatted. I tried sd formatter and multiple windows option but it says that the sd card is locked. I do not use an adapter so there is no problem with having the switch in the lock mode because a micro sd does not have lock switch. It said on the website: ‘’ that this could be fixed with regedit in windows and that this fix could be found in this forum. But I could not find it anywhere on this page or when using the search field. How can I do it?

  229. admin, 14 June, 2013

    Jack, here is the link to the regedit related comments. Good luck, but this error often indicates a failed card.

  230. Jack, 15 June, 2013

    Thank you for your quick response. I hope it wil work

  231. srinivas, 19 June, 2013

    my memory card is transcend 4gb when my phone is connected with pc all folders turned into .ink format why it has been happen ? kindly give me the solution..

  232. admin, 21 June, 2013

    Here is a link to get information and try to fix the .ink file format problem.

  233. Umesh, 24 June, 2013

    I have recently purchased [2 days aga] Micromax Bolt A51 smartphone and along with that purchased two Samsung 8GB micro sd cards. I am unable to write / view anything from these cards even for the first time. When I connect these card via the USB card reader [made sure that they are inserted in the correct slots], my Win XP computer recognizes the card and shows “removable drive G:”. However, if click on G: [single / double], I get an error “Please insert the disk in drive G:”. I also connected my Micromax Bolt A51 phone to the PC using the Data / USB Cable and the same error appears when I click on the “Removable drive G:”. I tested the USB card reader and one of the micro SD cards on a different Win XP system and it works well [allows me to view the card contents/ open the card] although the card is new and I haven’t stored any files in it. Is there something wrong with my Win XP system? I have not made any changes to my system and my Nikon digital cam gets recognized via camera’s USB cable and I am able to transfer the photos from camera to the PC.
    What is going wrong in this case?
    Pl help…

  234. admin, 24 June, 2013

    Not sure why you want two SDs, but try formatting them in the phone. With XP, rebooting may help before reconnecting a card reader; insert one card only. Trying a different USB port sometimes works.

  235. Howard, 26 June, 2013

    I have a Samsung 4gb micro sd card.
    it was working fine in my Samsung note android phone yesterday and now I cannot read it. Ive tried inserting into adaptor in my tablet but no joy . ive also used a reader in my laptop and it just cannot see the card.
    any ideas as to how I can retrieve the data.

  236. admin, 26 June, 2013

    All the tools and suggestions are on the blog post or the web page, you just have to try them; otherwise replace the card.

  237. Steve, 30 June, 2013

    I have a 8GB microSD memory card. I have been using it in a Nokia 5800 for many years. I would like to use it in a Galaxy S3, but it can’t recognise it. I tried the card my laptop (W7). It has a card reader slot. Laptop can’t see the card. I tried the card in a Super card reader/writer with SD slot and microSD slot but neither of them could find it. Card is working in Nokia 5800 perfectly. I can read/write when I connect the mobile to my desktop by USB. I can format the card via USB by my desktop or format by the Nokia 5800. An other 2 GB card is working in laptop, card reader and Galaxy S3 too. Please help me.

  238. admin, 30 June, 2013

    If you’ve already reformatted it, the data is gone. You could try a low level format/partition utility; otherwise leave it in the Nokia.

  239. Steve, 01 July, 2013

    Thanks your quick response. I saved everything from the card so I don’t mind data at all. I would like to use the card in Galaxy S3. I downloaded the MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition v7.8. I tested the card with it. There is no errors in the card. partition Wizard shows (Wizard/Partition Recovery Wizard) “model Nokia S60”. ?? Delting or formatting didn’t solve the problem. Is there any solution. Did Nokia 5800 lock the card?

  240. admin, 01 July, 2013

    Try this blog from first post down, includes a download for card unlock utilities.

  241. Cindy, 12 July, 2013

    Hi! I have a problem, a few hours ago I took my SD card and pluged it into my pc to copy movies that I had on there but forgot to safely remove it and now after putting it back into my blackberry my phone doenst read it,it says no media card! Please help! I don’t want to format my SD card and I don’t have any back ups!

  242. admin, 16 July, 2013

    If you can still read it on a PC, make a copy then try reformatting it in the BlackBerry.

  243. Vinod Kumar Ratnala, 29 July, 2013

    my nokia c3-00 mobile could not support the memory. Solve this problem?

  244. admin, 30 July, 2013

    Not without a lot more information!

  245. tiamat, 22 August, 2013

    I’m using the the sandisk micro usb card on my acer tablet and the file I copy from the computer to the tablet does not show up on the tablet file manager but when the memory card is looked at through the PC it there

  246. admin, 23 August, 2013

    If your tablet is running Android 4 (ICS – Ice Cream Sandwich) it handles SD cards and folders differently, thanks to Google who no longer use external SD cards on their hardware. Get Astro or ES File Manager from Google Play Store and you will find your phone or tablet, in addition to its internal memory, has 2 SD card locations. The built-in memory is called sdcard and an external card will be listed as extsd. You can see and move files between them. If you cannot see files you have transferred manually, try putting them in a folder with a unique name.

  247. Lancen, 24 August, 2013

    my problem is that I cant view videos on my phone that has a 8 GB micro SD card. the video downloads to my phone but when I try to view it on my phone it says : sorry the video cannot be viewed. my phone is a Motorola. model: xt303. the videos are downloaded from my computer

  248. admin, 24 August, 2013

    The videos you are downloading are probably not in a format or resolution supported by your Motorola XT303 phone using its built-in video player. Check the file extensions of the downloads and note which types won’t play. e.g. mp4, flv (Flash), 3gp, avi, wmv etc. Unfortunately there are some versions within these types that use different parameters from standard and they may not play. However, you could try installing another Android video player (e.g. MX Player) that is compatible with your phone from Google Play Store. Also there are free PC programs available that can convert video files from one format into various others for different devices including your phone. Search ‘video conversion software free’. Hope that helps.

  249. kranthi, 30 August, 2013


    i am using kingston 4 gb micro sd card in samasung galaxy fit phone earlier it works after few months put in idle ,but now i put this in my phone and computer its not detecting,how to recover my data its very important.pleas help me……

  250. Richard M, 03 September, 2013

    Please help me, i have a 32gb v-gen micro sd card, the computer doesn’t recognize, and i can’t format or read it. Using all the card readers won’t work :'(
    How do i fix this problem?

  251. admin, 10 September, 2013

    If you have tried all the tools suggested, then you probably need a new card.

  252. admin, 10 September, 2014

    If you have no success after trying all the suggested tools and utilities, you have probably lost your files and need to replace the SD card.

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