How to Retire in Bali – a guide for 2016 overseas retirement

Apart from being one of the world’s best-known tropical island getaway destinations, Bali has an established and ever-growing expat community of people from different countries, both Eastern and Western, who have decided to spend most or all of their time on the island. Some start a business or invest in the vibrant property market; some spend extended periods of leisure time, and  others decide to stay permanently and retire. Bali is also well-known for its luxury hotels and spas and private villas available for vacation rental or to purchase.

How to Retire in Bali – and Live in Paradise” is Mike Henry’s second Bali guide for expats. A longtime Bali resident himself, this recently revised and published guide is aimed at anyone thinking of spending extended time or retiring in Bali.

How to Retire in Bali contains much more useful information than its title indicates. It is packed with the same no-nonsense comprehensive research and attention to detail as the also reviewed “How to Start a Business in Bali” from the same author.

Planning and preparing for your move, banking, financial and property rental and ownership issues, cost of living, medical facilities, bureaucracy (immigration, taxes, licensing), the social life and entertainment are all covered.

This guide is relevant not only for potential Bali residents; there are comparisons to expat life in other Southeast Asian or Central American countries. There’s relevant information and aspects of foreign country living that should be digested by anyone thinking of moving overseas for retirement.

While Bali is not exactly the “tropical island paradise” it’s often described as, for some it comes pretty close. Whichever country you live in, you need to take the good with the bad and Bali is no exception. Having spent a couple of years there myself about six years ago now, I read that some of the less attractive aspects remain, but others have improved and the island has not lost its unique appeal. It suits a lot of expats and tourists very well.

Whether you have been to Bali before or not, after finishing the 110 easy-to-read pages of How to Retire in Bali, with its many invaluable references, recommendations and tips, you will have a better idea of whether this might the next place for you. An excellent read, highly recommended for anyone thinking of  retiring in tropical Southeast Asia.

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