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SD & microSD memory card problems continue in 2015

In 2014 people continue to have problems with their SD or microSD flash cards found in personal devices like phones, tablets, mp3 players, cameras and PDAs. There are also numerous solutions found by all types of user over the years. Sadly, many issues have still not been addressed by manufacturers. The best ‘solution’ is using a backup drive or cloud service regularly before problems start!


Using a VPN for secure, encrypted global internet access

Want to watch or download all those TV shows from home and episodes you’ve missed while outside the country? Use a VPN service like PrivateInternetAccess and browse and download from websites and players you are prohibited from using in the originating or local country.


Lao Telecom 4G LTE internet in service in 2014?

The Lao PDR’s 4G LTE internet service announced by two operators first in 2011 and seen briefly (2 days) in 2012, was unavailable for most of 2013. It’s still uncertain it exists in January 2014.