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Many people including retirees are interested in playing the stock market, but don’t really know where to start. There’s a full introductory course available from a long-time successful trader and trainer geared towards options trading.

Charting techniques are covered such as single and double tops, triangles, head and shoulders, 1-2-3 formations, flags and pennants. There are also explanations of the more popular technical indicators such as Fibonacci as well as how to use ‘candlestick‘ charts. If you can read this common chart display method correctly, you have a great means of identifying the next movement of a forex pair, stock or commodity. This is an important topic on its own.

How to Start a Business in Bali in 2014

Many people would like to quit their jobs or sell their existing businesses to retire early to an exotic location. Bali definitely comes to mind – the proverbial tropical island paradise, tucked away in Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and relatively near Australia. Compared to many places, Bali might seem as close to paradise as one could get and in some ways it is. Apart from what the island has to offer in the way of beaches, water sports, mountains, accommodation of all types, excellent cuisine, friendly people with wonderful expression of their traditions, it’s a place where many feel that they could retire and spend the rest of their lives.

The only problem is, a lot of them can’t afford to retire fully yet as they still need to earn money. Many will think they can simply move and open or buy some sort of business: a shop, restaurant, bar, guest house, even hotel. However, there’s quite a bit more to it than that. I know from my own experience!

How to start a business in Bali (pdf guide)“How to Start a Business in Bali” is a well- researched and written business guide by Bali entrepreneur Mike Henry. It’s 100 pages of fact without any attempt to disguise the truth. The reality is not all ‘doom and gloom’, however, as Mike has included in-depth interviews with several other successful Bali expat business owners, each from a different field of endeavour. This gives added invaluable insight into the topic. He also provides a list of resources essential for anyone planning on living and working in Bali.

Having lived on the exotic Indonesian island myself about ten years ago now, and trying to do just this, I also know the potential pitfalls. I wish I had had a  guide to work from at the time, as not a lot has changed, particularly regarding bureaucracy – something SE Asia has a wealth of – especially when foreigners try to start businesses in Bali or, for that matter, somewhere else in the region.

Quite simply, you need to get to know the local rules and follow them. It’s not only about starting and running a business, it’s interacting with the resident population, even if your customers are likely to be other expats and tourists.

And speaking of other expats in Bali, this is quite a strange community. Other foreigners living in the same place as you are not necessarily going to become friends. In fact it can be the opposite. There’s a lot of competition in some types of business, and you need to be careful not to tread on someone else’s toes.

I would say this is the de facto (if not the only!) guide to opening a foreign-owned business in Bali or other location in Indonesia. This inexpensive ebook is a ‘no-brainer’ for anyone thinking of going into business anywhere in Southeast Asia.

Learn more about “How to Start a Business in Bali“. Buy and download it for just US$25.00 by PayPal or credit card. Well worth it in my opinion, as it could help save you from financial ruin!


Thailand curfew lifted country-wide on June 13

Thailand’s curfew, imposed by the military junta after taking over the government in May, has been lifted.

The late night curfew in 30 remaining provinces including Bangkok and Chiang Mai  finished on June 13, three weeks after the country’s military ousted the government in a peaceful and bloodless coup.

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