Are Asian women and Western men naturally attractive to each other?

Why is it that so many single men think they have a better chance with an Asian woman than someone from closer to home? It appears to be one of the main reasons for Western men (of all ages, although middle-aged and seniors seem to be in the majority) look towards the East to find new partners, especially after failed relationships and marriages in their home countries. Is it just the ‘grass is greener’ syndrome or is there something else?

Many men in search of a new partner (including those that just immediately fall in love with an Asian bar girl) will decide they prefer the local lifestyle (Thailand and the Philippines in particular) and decide to settle in the partner’s country, usually without realising the full implications of such a move; others bring their new love back home (a wholly different exercise). Either way, some of these relationships work out and everyone gets what they want. However, I would guess that most don’t (not the first time, anyway).

men attracted to asian womenBut perhaps there is another, less obvious, underlying reason for so many men wanting to go on a cross-cultural relationship adventure. It may be found  not in ‘personal chemistry’, although science knows a lot about women and men being attracted to each other for various reasons. However, the answer is not likely to be among the clichés, misconceptions and generalisations that many Western men have and make about women from the East.

Common perceptions of  ‘Asian women’ are that they [all?] are more (naturally) beautiful, more loving, more caring, more loyal, more docile and more forgiving than their Western counterparts who are [all?] typically selfish, fickle, demanding, independent, aggressive.

What if the answer lay within the man himself? It could be due simply to his basic lack of self-confidence, especially with women from his own country. He feels he is just not naturally attractive to women, especially his own kind. He has also heard and read that Asian women don’t care about looks and age; in fact they actually prefer older men. He hasn’t heard or doesn’t want to believe that Asian women want financial security for their family more than anything else, and that as long as he continues to provide for them (which he will be obliged to do if he settles in his new partner’s country), he will be a great catch – even if he is old and smells. Love and loyalty are less important, and Asian men are typically at fault. Generalisations work both ways, but there is no stereotypical Western man either!

If any of that homespun psychology (I’m certainly not an expert!) strikes a note with you (or someone you know), then there is a completely new avenue you could explore – by looking within. I know many will shudder at the mention or thought of self hypnosis, but it can and has solved countless emotional problems, allergies, afflictions, addictions and even perceived illnesses. Science could possibly make you become naturally attractive to women – whether they are in your home country or Asia. Worth looking at, and much cheaper than foreign travel!

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By the way, did you notice the date of this post? Valentine’s Day!

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